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Name: Susan and Sally


Comments Area:  After researching breeders

on the east coast, we found Soulmates. 

Lora has beautiful kittens that are very well

socialized.  We wanted a male and female.  She chose 2 for us, sent us pictures and we fell in

love with them.  We had to wait a month for the youngest one to be old enough to leave.  It was like kids waiting for

Christmas and the time seemed to pass so slowly.  At last we made our trip to get the babies and adopted our fluffy little angels.

They are sweet and funny cuddle bunnies! Lora trains, cares for and loves these magnificent creations.  She sent a lost of items

we would need and has of training videos on Youtube.  Very thorough for a smooth transition.  She was available for us when

we had questions both before and after the adoption.  We had a wonderful experience.  Thank you Lora, for our

PAWSOME fur family.





Becky Sharpe

I had a phenomenal experience with Lora Tesh from start to finish. I am well versed in adopting from rescues, but this was my first time working with a breeder.  Lora was very patient with me as I navigated this process and made sure I understood each step necessary to result in a successful adoption. And successful it has been!  I could not be more pleased with my Silas Hennessy Bleu aka Silas.  He is absolutely perfect in look and personality. Everyone who sees him tells me he is the most beautiful cat they've ever seen including the techs at my vet's office.  I can't even think of words to accurately describe the softness of his fur; it's like sinking your hands into cotton. And his blue eyes are stunning. Silas was very well socialized prior to moving in with me and has adapted well to living with my other cats.  He purrs every time I pick him up and has to be where I am.  I vetted a number of breeders when I started this process and kept coming back to Soulmate Ragdolls as my top choice.  Upon contacting Lora and working with her, I knew I made the right decision.  If you're looking for a top quality Ragdoll from a top quality breeder, look no further.   Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like more information on my experience with Lora or my life with Silas.



Name: Cheryl Wang
November 2018
I adopted Jenae and Mussie from Soulmate Ragdolls. They are the best kittens I've ever seen. Every day I go back home, they come around me, licking me and purring in front of me. Jenae is seven months older than Mussie. Jenae is willing to share her toys and treats with Mussie. They get along with each other very quickly and well. They love people and enjoy playing with us. Now my friends are coming for them instead of visiting me .
Lora Tesh is a great breeder. She cares for kittens very much. She checks back with me frequently about how they are doing at home. I would strongly recommend Lora Tesh and her Soulmate Ragdolls to my friends.



Name : Tami Salazar 

Hi Michelle and Lora,
First I wanted to give a huge Thank you to you Michelle for referring me to Lora and for leading me to finding probably the
sweetest most loving most adorable cat I've ever owned. You were right when you said I would not regret it. Me and my
daughter fell hook line and sinker since the moment we saw her. Lora, the love you instill in your cats comes shining through her,
I can tell she was loved and cared for deeply. Her personality is delightful and the way she seems so at home here gives us so much
joy. She's got the most laid back personality I've ever seen, is always flopping over on her side and the way she just chills out and
watches us is so funny. She looks at us every day with adoring eyes. We love her so much. Truly a soul mate of ours. Our other two
cats have accepted her well and it's a sweet family. Michelle we wish you the best of luck with the breeding in the future and thank
you again so much for her Lora.
Have a blessed day and know we are so happy and grateful to you both always
Niwot, CO


July 20, 2017

Name: Jessie Castillo


Comments Area:

Lora Tesh with Soulmate Ragdolls is the absolute best within the ragdoll

community! I considered myself blessed to have adopted one of her babies. My

experience with Lora has been nothing short of spectacular. She has provided

me with exactly the personality and color pattern I was looking for <3 Have

had our baby for a week and the family is head over heels. Lora communicated

with me throughout the entire process. She made sure to send me all the

information I would need when bringing my new baby home. We hit some

unexpected delays when traveling to pick up our baby, Lora stayed up hours

later to let us take him home. She verbally communicated everything and has

since been in touch several times for support. Our little one is extremely

affectionate, social, playful and floppy....basically everything we wanted in

a ragdoll/lifelong family member. Lora clearly made socialization a

priority!!! Anyone whom adopts one of Lora's babies will be in the best hands

possible, get ready to be sucked into a kitten coma ;p  THANK YOU LORA!!!!

P.S. You were right, I'm already contemplating another!


June 16,2016

Debbie Cross

I can't tell you how much we are enjoying "Trump"  aka as Einstein.  He is the perfect
kitten and has adjusted very well.  He is the boss!  He must have recognized the
name Trump, when I called him he came running and sat on my lap.  ​I can certainly
tell your kittens come from a well loved home.  .  Thank you again and I hope all is well.
Debbie Cross


Name:  Betsy Lutz 

Comments :

Lora, I cannot tell you how wonderful my life is with Atticus.  He will be a

year old on Sunday (8/30) and is just a joy.  He can be naughty and try to

get out (he can't go out and knows it, but he still tries) but he is the

sweetest boy ever, not to mention the most beautiful.  He loves everybody and

everybody loves him because he's so friendly (and he doesn't shed).  I was so

lonely when I chose him, but no longer - he talks all the time and is

absolutely the king of this castle.  Thank you for a gorgeous bundle of love!



Name :  Paula Savage

Comments:  We are extremely happy with our Ragdoll kitty from Soulmate Ragdolls. We wanted a real Ragdoll cat with the beautiful

blue eyes and the laid back personality that Ragdolls are supposed to have. Lora's Ragdolls have the beautiful blue eyes, the laid back personality,

but they also have an amazing coat, reminds me of alpaca hair. I'm sure her superior looking cats are a result of premium feeding and care she's

given her cats over the years. It's just a fact that she puts out an amazing specimen of Ragdoll cats. We love ours so much! Thank you Lora!



Name: Lisa Garrett


Comments Area: My experiences with Lora Tesh & Soulmate Ragdolls dates back

16 years when I purchased two of the most sweet, beautiful & lovable boy

kitties you can imagine. I also purchased two other cats as gifts from her &

also adopted two of her gorgeous female adult kitties.  All of the kitties

were wonderful & beautiful. Not only does she raise cats with beautiful

dispositions, they are absolutely stunning as well with the most beautiful

blue eyes, fur coats & bone structures you will ever see.  They are all so

sweet but each is allowed to develop their own little personalities because

Lora treats them so well as they are raised in the cattery, she does not take

shortcuts.  If you want to have the best cat ownership experience of your

life, I suggest you adopt two of her babies together as i did.  I can never

thank Lora enough for the precious babies that I was so honored to be able to

make part of my family


Name: Sandra Shell

Comments : My experience with Lora Tesh dates back almost 13 years.  I
have adopted 4 of her kittens and still have 3 of these very loving kitties
with me.  They are like puppies in many ways.  They greet me when I come home
from work and bring much joy into our home.  They are happy, healthy and
playful!  And beautiful!  One of her retired adults also has a home with a
good friend and co-worker of mine.  The adult has really adapted well into
his new home and my friend could not be happier with him.  Lora, thank you
more than you will ever realize for your support, caring and the wonderful
blessings you have given me and others!



Name: Jenny |
Comments :
I found Soulmates online after doing a search for descendants of Ragnarok's
Thor who were still breeding.  I came across Truly and Tango.  They both had
Thor in their charts.  So I started to watch Soulmates' website for available

One day in early August 2009, there staring back at me on the computer screen
was my Charlie - he was a seal mitted Ragdoll kitten with an hourglass blaze
- the color pattern I had always wanted.  He wasn't, however, related to
Ragnarok's Thor, but there was another litter that was related to Ragnarok's
Thor.  So I got in touch with Lora and found out there were two males in that
litter - and I ended up with Trigg.

Charlie and Trigg are awesome cats.  They are now 4 years old and bring me an
incredible amount of joy.

Thank you, Lora for these great cats!


Name: Karli Lambirth
Comments : : I cannot say enough
good things about Lora Tesh and Soulmate Ragdolls!! I have had my blue lynx
point female ragdoll Iris for three and a half months now.  She is the most
beautiful outstanding ragdoll I have ever experienced in my life. She is the
epitome of what a ragdoll should be. From her breathtaking ocean blue eyes to
her soft, silky, creamy coat, to her amazing outstanding ragdoll flop. She
follows me everywhere I go, and always wants my constant attention. She loves
to fetch all of her toys and then to flop upside down when she gets worn out.
She also adores my two and a half year old son, who can be over bearing at
times. Yet she still loves him dearly and lets him cart her around everywhere
and hold her tight during naptime. Who needs stuffed animals when you can
have a ragdoll? lol She is a true GEM and I am truly blessed to have her as
my baby girl flagyl 200mg!!! Thank you so very much for this amazing girl Lora!!! :)



Name: Debbie Potter

Comments :  The Best Ragdoll Breeder in the USA !!




Name :       Jim and Carolyn Julian


It has been a great experience and most satisfying dealing with Lora. Our special Cat Gabby
has been a real blessing and has made our house a Home. I have gained a great deal of information
from this site and the information found here is very helpful.    this site has answered many of my
concerns and questions. Thanks Lora, for all your hard work and your love for your little guys and girls.


Name: Joe & Pauline Burchard
Comments Area: We recently purchased a Ragdoll kitten from Lora at Soulmate
Ragdolls. Lora answered all of our questions about the breed Ragdolls.
Neither one of us was experienced with cats. Lora was extremely helpful to
us. We live in New Hampshire a long ways from N Carolina. Lora went to the
extreme to get our kitten "Andy" delivered to us. She advised us that this
particular kitten was a perfect match for us and she was right. Andy is a
BEAUTIFUL male ragdoll, 8 months old now, and weighing in at 17lbs. He is a
very affectionate cat and we LOVE him very much. We are considering getting a
playmate kitten for Andy. We already told Lora to expect a call this spring.
We assure you that Soulmate Ragdolls and Lora Tesh is the place to go if you
are looking for the perfect Ragdoll kitten.


Name: Sue R. 

Comments Area: I can't say enough about Soulmate Ragdolls. I have known Lora
for four years now and have acquired two ragdolls from her. Lora has been
wonderful to work with and I know for a fact that her kittens are well loved
and cared for. My ragdolls both have been exquisite, affectionate and well
socialized with the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. I highly
recommend Soulmate Ragdolls as a breeder and wouldn't hesitate to get another
ragdoll from them. Soulmate kittens are kind of like potato chips! You can't
have just one!!


Name: Marcie York
Comments Area:
I am very cautions when making big decisions, therefore I spent a great deal
of time researching the Ragdoll breeders located in the United States.  After
4 months of relentless research I had narrowed my choice down to 5 breeders;
Soulmate Ragdolls and Lora Tesh herself kept standing out above all rest.

Soulmate Ragdolls impresses me for the following reasons:
- She breeds for top notch QUALITY Ragdolls
       - They have the bluest of blue eyes.
       - They are the biggest I have seen.
       - Their fur is simply exquisite .
       - They are all a strong, healthy and sturdy bunch.
- She spares no expense on giving them the best possible care.  She treats
her cats as if they are her babies, they really are treated better than most
children I've seen.
- A lot of breeders are in it for the money, but Lora puts her cats best
interest first.  She is very careful when blessing her kittens with the right
- Her cats are not kept is dirty dinky cages.  Her house and cat haven is
spotless.  She has private nurseries for moms and kittens and a wonderful
play area for them to romp's like kitten heaven.  They all take
turns coming out into the house to explore and interact with her family, they
are very social kittens.
- If you are ever blessed enough to spend time with Lora herself you will not
walk away the same person, soak up everything she shares.

Her genuine love for her kittens and people impressed me much more than I can
say.  At this point I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I chose her as my
breeder, even though she was a 9 hour drive each way, we knew she was the
breeder for us.  She has blessed me with the most precious little boy
kitten.....Valor, aka Baby Valor, Prince Valor, Little Tubby.  He is not so
little anymore, at 8 months he was weighing in at a hefty 15 pounds.  He
played a huge part in helping my broken heart heal, therefore the bond
between us is unbelievably strong.
I thank God for putting Lora in my life and I thank Lora for blessing Valor
with the just the right family.  Her Soulmate Ragdoll was just the right fit,
that we decided to add to the family, we have since then welcomed 2 more of
her beautiful Ragdolls into our loving home and have not regretted it for one

Forever Grateful,
Marcie York


Name: Kuixi Zhu


Comments Area: Lora is an awesome breeder. My kitten Maggie is such a bless.

She's quiet and graceful. Most importantly, she's so well trained by Lora

that she will use the litter box and love to play with my family. Now my

mother and father who initially don't want me to adopt a kitten love to play

with Maggie as long as they can and they even called themselves grandma and

grandpa since they regard me as the father of Maggie lol. Thank God for

bringing me to Soulmate Ragdolls and Thank you Lora! :)


Name: Idania Lio
I was looking for a loving and sweet Ragdoll as companion for
my Ragdoll at home that seemed to be depressed or lonely.  After a clean bill
of health, I found Lora through an acquaintance.  I flew from Miami to
Charlotte to pick up my sweet boy, Sachi.  From the first face to face
meeting, it was love at first sight.  When Lora placed him in my arms I
started crying.  Sachi was purring and giving me kisses the entire time.
BTW, he is now 10 months old and he's more affectionate than expected.  He is
a doggy in a kitty's body.  I am truly in love with him!!  
Thank you Lora for raising your babies to be so affectionate and gentle.  
God has given you a gift you share when we adopt one of your sweet babies.  
God bless.   Sami, Sachi, and Idania