"The Witness"

A Microwave Personality

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The darkness doesn't get " a say" if light affects it or not.
Think about the moon at night in the dark sky.  Short of a
temporary eclipse, nothing can stop it from reflecting the light
of the sun.  This is also true if you put a Christian in a room with
an atheist.  The atheist may not get saved, but he can't help but
be affected in some way....by the Christian.  A TRUE child of God
walking into a room should change or dictate the atmostphere of
the room.  It AFFECTS, it doesn't get affected.  
Light used correctly "draws people" .   Think about it....don't we all
like being around positive people ?   Negative people with negative
thinking will always repel people.  No one draws near to that !
By that same token, those who aren't willing to receive Jesus just live
life in the dark.   They live a very basic  black and white life and they
KNOW IT NOT  !!   Those who KNOW Jesus  experience everything
in living color.  Would you choose a black and white TV set, over a
color TV set ?   I sure wouldn't.  
Microwave ovens differ from that of a conventional oven.  Conventional
ovens cook from the outside - to the inside.   Microwaves do just the opposite.
A true, born again Christian is a person with a microwave personality. 
They are just happy from the inside out, its just how they're built.
Others see that happiness or goodness in them and they draw near to it. 
Its contagious, its addictive, its compelling.
Christians shine their light wherever they are, and whatever the circumstance. 
And guess what...they SHOULD !  Those who are "in the light"  are "in the right".
So go out there and proudly, boldly... shine your light for the whole world to see http://micr..s-2013/.
Don't look over your shoulder or care about what others will think of you !!
Only worry about what GOD thinks of  you !  He is the only one that really matters  !
  If you're good with God, YOUR GOOD PERIOD !!



Until next time.....

I am...

His sheep,

and your witness.....




( Your requests will be confidential and rest assured that I will be sincerely praying for you )

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 Instead of trying to save the planet, we should be trying to save the planet's people .   When the people are safe, the planet will be safe !  God sent his Son NOT to save a tree, but to save people .




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