The Soulmate look



Soulmate Ragdolls are large, sturdy boned

cats.   At 3 years of age, they are fully

matured in both size and color.

  On average, our males

          (at full maturity)

  weigh  between 15 to 22 pounds, and

  our females 10 to 15 pounds.  Altered

  males can weigh even more 

  than that!  

  Our largest reported altered male weighed 28

   pounds !  Folks, that's a whole lot of cat !

  We strive to produce Ragdolls with

  a more rounded earset, a strong

  chin, and a full "cheeky" muzzle 

  with sweet looking face.

  We also like a more plush, medium length

  coat which is very silky soft, and feels like

  you are touching "bunny fur" or a silk scarf. 

We feel that we have been extrememly

blessed, producing lovely blue eye

color in our ragdoll babies.